Genuine caring Support

Services are available to couples and individual addressing the full spectrum of life challenges. 

Services are provided drawing from various counseling approaches including; 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy , Dialect Behavioral Therapy,  Emotional Focused Therapy, Gottman Method, 

Family Systems Theory, Person Centered Approaches,  Solution-Focus Brief Therapy, Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model. 

 In our first session we will review your specific needs and any related history which is followed by

 a discussion about therapeutic method options and the recommended modality (individual or couples).  

Services also include referrals to other support resources as appropriate and desired.

Individual Services

Services are provided to individuals addressing 

trauma,  grief,  depression, anxiety, panic, bipolar disorder,  addiction, questioning or ending of a relationship,  life change or day to day stress.

Couple Therapy

If your counseling needs involve your partner usually couples therapy is recommended which can address a variety of needs including: unhealthy communication patterns,  emotional distancing, relationship injuries,  emotional / sexual infidelities, grief,  trauma, seperation reconciliation.

The Gottman Method of couples Therapy


Drs John and Julie Gottman

  • This  approach to couple's therapy is based on over 40 years of research conducted by John Gottman Ph.D.   John and his wife Julie Gottman Ph.D. co-founded the Gottman  institute, which is where they created and published this approach, along with various programs for couples and professionals.
  • Bill Gould LCPC has had advance training in the Gottman Method. He has completed the level 3 training and is currently enrolled in the certification track.

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The Gottman Therapy Journey

  • Gottman Couples therapy begins with a multifaceted assessment including relationship history, communication patterns, challenges, strengths and dreams. While in session couples are encouraged to engage verbally with each other as they would at home. Guidance and coaching is provided including structured activities which introduce, explore and practice Gottman communication and relationship techniques and concepts. Positive and healthy methods of dealing with conflicts are nurtured while strengthening and building the couple's sense of friendship and connection.  


The Sound Relationship House Theory

  • Gottman's Couple's Therapy is based upon The Sound Relationship House Theory. Trust and Commitment  are major parts of the framework which supports  the structure of the relationship; which includes Building Love Maps, Sharing Fondness and Admiration, Turning Towards, Positive Perspectives, Managing Conflict, Making Life Dreams Come True and Creating Shared Meaning. These concepts are assessed, explored and nurtured throughout the Gottman Couples therapy process.

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